• Pipe and tank insulation

  • 48’’ wide semi-rigid glass mineral wool blanket

  • Roll form

  • Available plain or with a factory applied ASJ or FSK vapor retarder jacket

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AK Flex™ pipe and tank insulation is a 48" (1,219 mm) wide semi-rigid fiberglass blanket, 2.5 PCF (40 kg/m³) density, in roll form. It is available faced with a factory-applied ASJ or FSK vapor retarder jacket. The fiber orientation provides excellent compressive strength while maintaining flexibility for ease of installation.
Manson Insulation AK Flex pipe and tank insulation is typically used on tanks, vessels and large-diameter (greater than 10" (25.4 cm)) pipes. It can be used for any curved or irregular surfaces that require finished characteristics of rigid fiberglass insulation.
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