Pipe Insulation

Installing pipe insulation helps create more effective operation, reduces operating costs, and provides protection.
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Key Benefits
Thermal Performance
Process control is improved when equipment temperature is maintained.
Reduced Utility Costs
Spend less on utility costs when energy loss is reduced.
Prevent injury by protecting against elevated surface temperatures.
Sound Control
Absorb operational noises for a quieter environment.
Why Pipe Insulation Matters
Properly installed pipe insulation keeps temperatures consistent, saves energy, reduces operating costs, and helps prevent injury.

Control Temperature 

Hot or cold, temperature consistency is crucial for effective process control. Pipe insulation reduces heat loss or heat gain which helps maintain operating temperatures. This can mean more efficiency in the system, reducing energy loss and lowering operating costs.    

Control Condensation 

When uninsulated pipes run at below-ambient temperatures, condensation can form. Proper insulation — along with a vapor retarder — is a crucial part of a complete condensation control system, which will minimize condensation build-up.    

Control Sound 

Pipes create vibrations and banging noises during the normal course of operation. Insulation helps absorb these sounds. 


High temperature pipes can give off levels of heat that can cause injury or overheat the working environment. Installing a protective layer of insulation helps regulate these temperatures, and adds a protective layer reducing surface temperatures for personnel protection.  

Expert Design 

Look for insulation with a clamshell design to make installation easier. Depending on your application, you may also want insulation with a clean, finished look.


Northwell Surgical Pavilion in New York chose Manson fiberglass insulation products to control heat and humidity for their new state-of-the-art medical building. 
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Alley-K Pipe Insulation
This preformed pipe insulation is made from high quality glass fibers bonded together with a thermosetting resin, and is a convenient choice for high-temperature applications.
Wall Thickness
0.5" – 4"
Temperature Range
0°F – 1000°F
Thermal Conductivity
0.23 (BTU∙in/h∙ft²∙°F) @75°F Mean Temperature
AK Flex Insulation
This semi-rigid fiberglass blanket provides excellent compressive strength while maintaining flexibility for ease of installation.
1" – 4"
10' – 52'

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