Sound Control

Too much noise creates a distracting, uncomfortable environment for people to live and work in. With the right insulation, unwanted noises can be reduced from getting into and transferred out of spaces.
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Key Benefits
Reduce Noise
Limit the of amount sound that’s transmitted room-to-room.
Reduced Cost
Save money on the cost of heating and cooling spaces.
Comfort Year-Round
Enjoy a warmer environment in the winter, and cooler space in the summer.
How Acoustic Insulation Works
Acoustic insulation limits how much sound is transferred from one space to another. They can also offer thermal performance, increasing energy efficiency and comfort.

Understanding Ratings 

To figure out what kind of insulation you need, it’s important to understand Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings. 

  • STC measures the ability of an assembly to reduce the level of sound decibels transferred through walls, ceilings, and floors. 

  • NRC measures the percent of sound directed at a surface that is absorbed by the insulation. 

Insulation with a high NRC rating will help improve a structure’s STC rating. Higher NRC means better sound absorption

More Than Just Acoustics 

In addition to the noise reduction benefits that acoustic insulation provides, it can also improve the comfort and energy efficiency of spaces by offering thermal performance.  

Acoustic Insulation in the Home 

Reducing unwanted noise creates a more comfortable living space. To control sound, here are areas of your home to focus on: 

  • Windows and doors. Loose doors and windows that rattle may increase the amount of sound waves being transmitted in your home. Sealing these areas can help vibrations and make the space quieter. 

  • Walls. Insulating walls helps lower room-to-room transmission of sound. 

  • Appliances, pipes, and ducts. Adding sound control insulation helps reduce the level of noise produced by equipment.  

Acoustic Insulation in Public Spaces 

Areas that see high traffic often have excessive noise. Incorporating sound control helps these spaces be more welcoming and comfortable. Places that need acoustic control include: 

  • Audio spaces. Theaters, auditoriums, and studios require high volume audio. Acoustic insulation boards are typically installed in the walls and ceilings of these spaces to prevent sound from getting out and transmitting into other areas.

  • Concourses. Designing public spaces to absorb sounds helps reduce the noise of people moving from one place to another. 

  • Offices and classrooms. Places of work and study require concentration, and unwanted noise can cause distractions, ruin focus, and hamper productivity. Installing insulation in walls, floors, and between desks can reduce noise and helps create a more comfortable, productive environment.  

  • HVAC equipment. These systems can generate significant noise, compromising the comfort and utility of the spaces they’re installed in. With properly-installed insulation, these noises can be absorbed and minimized. 

Explore Our Sound Control Products
Find the right products for acoustic applications.
AK Blanket™
This amber blanket provides both thermal and acoustical insulation, and is made from glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin. It’s commonly used for the appliance, equipment, industrial, commercial, and maritime purposes.
1" – 2"
60'; 125'
AK Board™
This thermal and acoustical insulation is made from inorganic glass fibers preformed into boards bonded by a thermosetting resin, and is a versatile choice for a variety of applications.
1" – 4"
24"; 48"
36" – 120"
This flexible blanket provides acoustical and thermal insulation, with a black mat facing adhered to one surface. It’s designed for spaces where acoustic insulation is a must, such as theaters, sound studios, and public concourses.
1" – 2"
50'; 100'
Akousti-Board Black™
This heavy-density board provides acoustical insulation and a visual barrier, with a black mat applied to provide a smooth, tough finish. This rigid product is durable and designed to stand up to abuse.
1"; 2"